Special technological procedure

Vitamin D-rich mushrooms

Vitamin D-rich mushrooms

Try delicious mushrooms from Kaznějov, which have a high vitamin D content thanks to special technology.

These mushrooms are exclusive products of our company. Eating them at least twice a week will provide the body with the necessary amount of vitamin D for optimum functioning of the immune system in a natural way. They are grown in Kaznějov, where our special technology gives them even higher vitamin D content than ordinary field mushrooms.

How do we do it?

Field mushrooms can create vitamin D in a similar way to people with the help of the summer sun. We simulate sunlight for the mushrooms with a special lamp that shines on them for several seconds, increasing their vitamin D content.

Three to four medium-sized mushrooms will then provide the daily recommended dose of required vitamin D. While 100 grams of mushrooms contains 3 micrograms of vitamins before exposure to light, they contain 5-20 micrograms thereafter.


Vitamin D is soluble in fats and about 15% is lost during heating. It is therefore good to prepare mushrooms with fat (butter, lard, vegetable oils), and it is important to use all the sauce that remains in the pan. It is also a good idea to eat raw mushrooms; in western Europe, for example, it is common to add them to vegetable salads. They are perfectly suitable for use in sauces, soups or under meat..

Shorten heating to the absolutely necessary time to retain as much vitamin D as possible.

Vitamin D-rich mushrooms