About us

Position on the market

Agaricus is the largest producer of field mushrooms in the Czech Republic. All goods sold by the company come from its own production.

We sell about 50% of our products to the domestic market, while the other half is supplied to the markets of EU countries, especially Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

Our main trading partners (accounting for 80% of our production) are reputable sales chains in the Czech Republic and Bavaria.

Advantages for the company in the current market situation:

  • Optimum distance to customers in the Czech Republic and Germany (Prague, Nuremberg, Regensburg).
  • Own logistics for both input (raw ingredients) and output (daily deliveries of products to customers).
  • Field mushrooms are cultivated in pre-cultivated shelves using a modern method.
  • Commercial connection to key producers and distributors of field mushrooms in the EU.

The company today

  • Own production output this year:
  • approx. 900 tonnes of white field mushrooms
    approx. 250 tonnes of brown field mushrooms
    approx. 80 tonnes of oyster mushrooms
  • All products are distributed in our own refrigerated vehicles.
  • Fresh mushrooms are picked, cooled, packaged and delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time, which is approximately 24 hours!
  • The most important thing for customer satisfaction is the continuous high quality of products. To this end, we are assisted by a well-developed system of product inspections and quality management, as well as product health safety checks throughout the chain.
  • Through the GLOBALGAP system, we also ensure the safety and health protection of employees and environmental protection.
  • A packing plant equipped with a packing machine capable of handling 3,000 kg of mushrooms per shift meets the strictest EU hygiene requirements.
  • Thanks to a strategic partnership with the company AGROSPOL Czech spol. s r.o., our vehicle fleet is being modernised and our premises are undergoing major reconstruction work.

The company was established in 1992 with the aim of building the country's first large-scale mushroom-growing plant.

The company purchased and reconstructed suitable facilities for this purpose on the premises of a former chemicals company in the town of Kaznějov near Plzeň.

Customer satisfaction has been our main belief ever since the company was founded.

Establishing cooperation with MARKONE CZ s.r.o. houbove-speciality.cz


New! – Vitamin D-rich field mushrooms


Automatic climate control in cultivation halls


Continuous online monitoring of temperatures, humidity and CO2 levels in cultivation halls


The company successfully received a GRASP system certificate

Continuous online monitoring of temperatures in cooling boxes


Successful GLOBALGAP and IFS recertification


Successful GLOBALGAP system recertification

Successful IFS certification


Successful GLOBALGAP system recertification

Preparation for IFS (International Food Standard) certification


Construction of our own energy centre with a heat output of 500 kW

Addition of a new refrigerated vehicle to our vehicle fleet

Successful recertification in the EurepGAP system (now GLOBALGAP), a globally recognised system for quality and health safety of agricultural products, occupational safety and environmental protection

The company begins its own production of oyster mushrooms and brown field mushrooms


EurepGAP system certification

Reconstruction of our weighing room and packing plant with a capacity of up to 3,000 kg of mushrooms per shift

Modernisation of our refrigerated vehicle fleet


The company establishes a strategic partnership


Construction of our own logistics centre for daily supplies to central chain warehouses in the Czech Republic and Bavaria


Complete transition of the cultivation plant to the shelf production method

Total capacity reaches 900 tonnes per year

Orientation of sales to multinational trading chains in the Czech Republic and the EU


Start of production using state-of-the-art European technology – a shelf method with completely mechanised handling of the mushroom substrate

Capacity of new production technology is 250 tonnes per year

Total production capacity reaches 700 tonnes per year


Production capacity of 600 tonnes of mushrooms per year


First export of mushrooms to EU countries

Production capacity 400 tonnes of mushrooms per year


Start of mushroom production (old "sack" cultivation method)

Deliveries to large fruit and vegetable warehouses in the West Bohemian region and Prague

Production capacity of 200 tonnes of mushrooms per year