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Status of the market

Agaricus is the biggest producer of champignons in the Czech Republic. All selling of products is from its own production.

On the national market we realize about 50 % of production, the other half of production is delivered to the EU markets - especially to Germany, Poland and Holland.

The biggest national competitors are especially cheap importations from Poland, to which most of the national distributors switched. Two of the big national producers of champignons remained - AGARICUS Kaznějov and FUNGI Bílovec Lhotka near Ostrava. Other middle producers either restrict or have ended production.

Advantages of the company in current market situation:

  • Optimal distance to our customers in the Czech Republic and Germany (Prague, Nuremberg, Regensburg).
  • Its own logistics for input (raw material) and output (everyday delivery of product to the customer).
  • Operation of modern method of growing champignons in pre-planted shelves.
  • Business connection for important producers and distributors of champignons in the EU.