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Agaricus Ltd., Pod Továrnou 587, 331 51 Kaznějov. Tel.: +420 373 341 117, e‑mail:


The company Agaricus Ltd was established in 1992 with its goal to make the first agarics growing facility in the Czech Republic. A suitable object in the area of former chemical concern in Kaznejov near Plzen was bought by the company and reconstructed.

From the beginning the main philosophy of the company was SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

Milestones of the company activities:

  • successful GLOBALGAP and IFS recertifications

  • successful GLOBALGAP recertification
  • IFS certification

  • successful GLOBALGAP recertification
  • preparation for IFS certification (International Food Standard)

  • built-up of our own heating installation with 500 kW power
  • acquisition of new refrigerator van
  • successful EurepGAP recertification, actually GLOBALGAP - globally recognized agricultural product quality and safety standard
  • introduction of own oyster mushrooms and brown champignons production

  • EurepGAP certification
  • reconstruction of weighing and packaging with the capacity up to 3000 kgs of champignons per shift
  • innovation of refrigerator car fleet

  • entrance of a strategic partner in the company

  • built-up of our own logistical center for everyday supply of central warehouses of networks in the Czech Republic and Bavaria

  • full switch-over of growing facility to shelf method of production
  • complete capacity 900 tons per year
  • sales orientation for multinational trade network in the Czech Republic and throughout the European Union

  • beginning of the production according to the most modern European technology - shelf method with complete mechanization of manipulation with champignons substrate
  • capacity of new production technology 250 tons per year
  • complete production capacity 700 tons per year

  • production capacity 600 tons of champignons per year

  • first exportation of champignons to the countries of the European Union
  • production capacity 400 tons of champignons per year

  • beginning of champignons production (old "sack" way of growing agarics)
  • distribution to warehouses of our attorneys in western Bohemia region and Prague
  • production capacity 200 tons of champignons per year